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Digital development and transformation

Digital transformation is changing the way we live, what we do and how we communicate with each other as well as how we do our business and shopping.

The customers are better informed and more independent in their decisions. The digital transformation has created great possibilities in more channels than ever.

To get knowledge about how products, services and information can be consumed with digital concepts and solutions is more necessary than ever for companies. They need this to adapt to their customers wishes and requirements. It is essential to go from believing to knowing to implementing.  Using the knowledge about digital development and concepts give companies the right background to invest in digital solutions. This creates competitiveness and new business opportunities in a global environment.

Our passion

Digital Business Partner´s passion is to understand and follow the digital transformation and development and to use this knowledge to help customers to gain competitiveness. 

Concept Development 

Together with our customers we identify the business opportunities and challenges and develop concepts according to this. The concepts include proposed digital solutions and best praxis.  

Concept Implementation 

New concepts and solutions are very dependent on a good implementation plan to be successful. Together with the customer we work out the best set-up. 

Analytics and evaluation 

Before, during and after concept development it is crucial to regularly do analytics and evaluation. The result of this will be used to improve and refine concept development and concept implementation. 

Focus areas

We work with the following in digital development 

  • Customer and user experience
  • Systems and solutions in store
  • Digital development  and transformation
  • Digitalization and technology

We work with the following technologies 

  • Digital Signage 
  • Sound solutions
  • Queue management solutions 
  • People counter technology
  • Visitor Analytics
  • Digital real estate solutions
  • Media sales digital communication in store



Our passion is the key factor for customer success

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